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Free Assessment for Germany Student or Work Visa. 1) Explore your potential and opportunities in Germany. 2) Case is evaluated by German qualified experts. Free Assesment
  • About Germany
    About Germany

    Germany is Europe’s largest economy.

    Germany borders 9 countries (Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Czech Republic, and Poland).

    Albert Einstein, the most recognized scientist in the world, was German and born in Ulm.

    There are 102 German Nobel laureates as of 2009.

  • Study in Germany
    Study in Germany

    Free Education In Germany

    All Government regulated universities

    Over 750 English taught Bachelor and Master Programs

    Highly qualified and experienced faculties

    Free traveling for students

    Scholarship available for foreign students

    Extensive Research opportunities

  • Benefits of Studying in Germany
    Benefits for students

    Best quality education

    No tuition fee/ free education

    Studies with work permit

    Visa valid for 25 countries of EU

    Internships allowed in whole EU

    Unlimited Visa after completion of degree

    German Passport after a defined period of stay in Germany

  • About Us
    Introduction to GECS GECS is a leading multinational consulting firm which provides student and immigration consultancy. GECS was established in 2008 for a cause. The unavailability of foreign qualified professionals in consultancy services, mistrust amongst clients and serious deficiency of knowledge and professionalism forced us to come forward and help students and professionals to explore their world.
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  • Our Network
    Our Network GECS delivers consultancy services seamlessly to our clients wherever they need us. GECS strong online communication and customer feedback has been impetus to expend our network base. GECS believes and has proofed effective and efficient online customer services. It is our clients’ appreciation and acknowledgements encourage us to establish GECS head office in Karachi, Pakistan…
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  • Our Services
    Our Services Our German qualified team of professionals has got 10 years of experience in placing students at different universities all over Germany. GECS Pakistan accepts the challenges to make you climb on the ladder of success. Keeping in view student’s need, we have designed our process in such a way that every step right from the preparation of documents to visa is transperent, smooth and hassle free.
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GECS Immigration Services

GECS proudly offers premium services of immigration or work permit only to the experinced professionals who are willing to work in Germany.

If you are interested in working in Germany and have both the expertise and experience, then conact us via the details provided in our Contact Us section.

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